AfriSam SAIA - Students

The AfriSam Student Award for Sustainable Design calls on enrolled architecture students across South Africa to enter this awards programme which challenges you to come up with sustainable solutions for existing architecture. Find out more here.

AfriSam SAIA - Professionals

The AfriSam-SAIA Sustainable Design Award recognises contributions that bring sustainable innovation to both urban and rural living environments through an integrated approach to communities, planning, research, architecture, building practice, natural systems and technology. Find more here.

Latest news

Inside the City of Johannesburg Council Chamber

Designed by studioMAS Architects and Urban designers in 2017, the state-of-the-art Johannesburg City Council Chamber became the first municipal building with a Green Star SA Socio-Economic Category rating. Located in the suburban hub of Braamfontein, the refurbished...

Design with a conscience: Waste gets upcycled to make furniture

Furniture designers are finding uses for all kinds of waste materials – from bone, skins, feathers and shells to automotive parts and even coffee grounds. Creations such as a superyacht bathroom and supermarket shelves have found growing acceptance, as more consumers...