AfriSam SAIA - Students

The AfriSam Student Award for Sustainable Design calls on enrolled architecture students across South Africa to enter this awards programme which challenges you to come up with sustainable solutions for existing architecture. Find out more here.

AfriSam SAIA - Professionals

The AfriSam-SAIA Award for Sustainable Architecture + Innovation recognises contributions that bring sustainable innovation to living environments through an integrated approach to communities, planning, design, architecture, building practice, natural systems and technology. Find more here.

Latest news

Will women build the sustainable technology of the future?

Bold climate action could create more than 65 million new jobs by 2030, many of them in sustainable infrastructure fields like clean energy, public transit and efficient buildings. However, as part of a just transition, it is imperative to ensure that men and women...

Making fast fashion more sustainable.

Inditex, the parent company of fashion brand Zara, recently announced plans to transition to a more sustainable model after establishing itself as a front-runner in the fast fashion industry. The company currently churns out 500 new designs per week, but is pledging...