When it comes to processes and environmental consciousness, the garment and textile industry seems to be far behind. It is, however, also the industry that astounds with groundbreaking innovations like resource-conserving alternatives to cotton and petroleum-based fibres. In this article, FashionUnited rounds up some of the most innovative and accessible sustainable textile solutions.

These include:

  • Hemp fabrics that kill bacteria, have the best heat capacity ratio compared to other fibres, merge easily with dyes and do not discolour easily,
  • A luxurious lotus-fibre fabric that feels like a combination of silk and raw linen, and
  • Versatile stinging nettle fibres that keep the wearer cool in summer and warm in winter.

There is also good news for fashionistas seeking vegan leather alternatives, as apple waste from juice production is being used to create remarkably realistic faux leather.

For more sustainable textile innovations, read the full article here.