Entries of the AfriSam-SAIA Award for Sustainable Architecture + Innovation are now closed. The Afrisam-SAIA award for Sustainable Architecture + Innovation received a record number of 47 entries this year. The adjudication panel will now assess the list of entries, decide on a qualifying shortlist of projects which will then be visited and assessed in-loco before the final results are announced at an awards event in October this year.

For 2015/16 entries we migrated to a new paperless online entry system and added two new award categories.The newly expanded Award challenged entrants across the four categories of Sustainable ArchitectureResearch in sustainability and, our two new award sectors, Sustainable product/technology and Sustainable social programs, to demonstrate how they make the world a better place by embodying sound sustainable practices which bear the hallmarks of great architectural or social design and innovative thinking in the field of sustainability.

One of the key considerations among these diverse categories is to address sustainability not just as an isolated architectural concept, but also in the greater scheme of a sustainable economy. It is the belief of the adjudicators that to be successful, a sustainable project must also address its social and economic contexts – it must be socially sustainable and economically sustainable.

The awards will once again highlight that South Africa is at the forefront of sustainable and innovative design and that sustainability in particular is part of our design culture and acknowledge the companies leading this.

The adjudicators for the awards are convener, Kevin Bingham along with Daniel Irurah (sustainable architecture academic), Llewellyn van Wyk (sustainable architect, CSIR), Sebasti Badenhorst (AfriSam representative), Eric Noir (Africa region director of the International Union of Architects’ work programme, Architecture for a Sustainable Future) and Richard Stretton (architect and furniture designer).

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