The brain-child of South African-born designer, Shaakira Jassat, Aquatecture rain-harvesting panels collect water by diverting raindrops flowing over the perforations to the inside of the system, down into a collection tank. Soon to be tested in Granger Bay, this invention could make a massive difference in drought-stricken countries.

After flowing into the tank, the water can either be stored for later use or pumped back into the building’s greywater system. The panels are also being developed to harvest moisture from the atmosphere. Currently based in the Netherlands, Jassat experienced the Western Cape’s devastating drought when she attended the 2018 Design Indaba in Cape Town.

She became determined to design a compact rain harvester suited to the urban environment, and so the Aquatecture panel was born. The panels will be tested at the Granger Bay parking garage over the next two years, a test facility made possible in collaboration with JoJo, Arup, Geustyn & Horak, Baloo Plumbing and Longspan Gutters.

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