In an article for Architecture Now, Warren and Mahoney’s Matt Brown writes on why architects need to become more proficient at engaging with the media. “The key to demonstrating the value of our services, I believe, is offering greater transparency of the process. We need to expose not only the outcomes of our work but the reasons behind those outcomes, as well”, says Brown.

Architects, Brown states, are unable to engage with the public in the same way as with their clients. “In fact, when our designs are made public, we’re often not able to address them or respond to feedback – so much so that I fear we suffer from a lack of public trust”, says Brown.

This is why architects need to become experts in engaging with the media. “Not only should we be able to prepare drawings and diagrams that represent our designs in a way that gives insight into the process behind them, but we also need to be able to identify and respond to opportunities to be more visible to the public.”

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