Arklow Villa III is the home of architects Liani and Jan Douglas. The property formed part of a series of three identical Victorian cottages. Unfortunately, the other two were unrecognisably transformed prior to the structures being 60 years old, with the 120-year-old Arklow Villa III the last remaining unit that closely resembles the original street facade. The property suffered from a lack of maintenance and careless additions and patch-ups that took place over time. With a restricted budget, the goal was to transform a dark, damp and dingy house into a light-filled contemporary home.

Existing features and finishes were preserved where possible and used in combination with a new restrained palette of brick, natural stone and timber, exuding warmth and tactility.

The craftsmanship of the architecture is notable. Simple, innovative tectonics with a simple use of materials, whilst staying true to the row house typology and heritage of the area.  

New Ways of Thinking
Exceptionally well-built piece of architecture which interrogates the lexicon of vocabulary in order for things to change: it is possible to build for less. 

Placemaking Performance
Creating a cultural paradigm shift to the surrounding neighbours, maximising a tight urban stand, whilst reusing all materials from the site.

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