The Western Cape Government Department of Health’s new day clinic in Beaufort West was designed with a reduced environmental footprint, both during construction, and operation. With rammed earth walls of soil sourced from the nearby Beaufort West dam, rock stores to temper hot summer air and cold winter air, and landscaping that draws on plants from the area traditionally used for medical remedies, the building attempts to respect its neighbourhood and present a polite civic presence.

An experimental clinic employing simple tectonics and the use of rammed earth as an explorative building system for this typology of architecture. The architecture relates to the urban-domestic context creating an inviting scaled building that welcomes the community whilst being a beacon of hope. 

New Ways of Thinking
Innovative and alternative approach to building’s airflow management using the rock-store system.

Placemaking Performance
From consulting with the community to employing local labour, the building acts as a centre for dignity and change on socio-economic levels.

The Department of Public Works is a champion due to their willingness to experiment with the use of rammed earth as a material within this project.

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