The Botha’s Halte Primary School is a sensitively designed educational building that both inspires and brings hope to a disadvantaged rural community. The project demonstrates that even rural schools in South Africa can get access to the best educational tools available and that a regionalist approach to architecture can deliver a building that both speaks to its context and its place in time. It is an original piece of architecture that demonstrates, through its unique layout, form and use of materials, how sustainability principles and cultural heritage can be incorporated into the pedagogy of educational buildings.


The design of the school promotes creative learning through the design of the building’s spaces. The school demonstrates the durability of harmonisation between architecture, environment, landscape and people.

People Upliftment
The building’s design uplifts the learning environment for both the children and adults within the community, creating future leaders for the district. 

New Ways of Thinking
The school reaches and connects with Stellenbosch University, changing and uplifting the community and teachers. The school acts as an educational tool to learn about sustainability, transferring skills and practices to learners and the community. 

Placemaking Performance
The school becomes a district hub, serving a broader area quite involved with Stellenbosch University. In addition, the school has become a district hub serving a wider community. 

Commendation to the Bosjes Trust and the Western Cape Education Department for their partnership.

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