The project was a collaboration between East Coast Architects and Mpilonhle and funded by the Department of Science & Technology (DST).

In 2006, East Coast Architects (ECA) was commissioned by Mpilonhle (a good life) to design a Mobile Health Unit for their Integrated School Health Programme. Following the successful roll-out of this project for the past 12 years, ECA was approached again by Mpilonhle in 2016 to design a replicable computer classroom with the goal to assist schools to facilitate educating learners in rural schools with no computers and no access to the internet through computer-assisted learning programmes.

With the Container Classrooms, we can build a computer lab, made from ubiquitous and inexpensive containers. “Temporary” classrooms made from containers can be just as functional as more “permanent” classrooms, but can be built much more quickly (with a less elaborate approval process) and at lower costs.

Container Computer Classroom_4
Container Computer Classroom_3
Container Computer Classroom_2