The renovation of a 1940’s dwelling located in the northern suburbs of Durban.

A client driven green research project, Gorgeous Green House is a great example of user-end sustainability thinking. Special thought, consideration and research by the client allowed the design of the house to incorporate many sustainable features, as well as the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. The house also boasts an incredibly integrated eco-system of bee hives, kitchens, vegetable garden and natural swimming pool attracting over 40 species of birds, insects and wildlife to the property.

People Upliftment

Client championing – From the outset the involvement and determination of the project which was conceptualised by specific elements and objectives.


Ongoing commitment – The Gorgeous Green House blog is a manifesto of the project, detailing every aspect of the design and building process, and acts as a post-occupancy journal of how the building performs and operates, including providing inspiration to other homeowners.

Placemaking Performance

Intervention at a garden level has restored ecosystems – The garden has functioned over the past decade with the client’s growing organic food, utilising permaculture techniques, several bee hives and indigenous planting. The garden attracts an array of wildlife (40 species of birds and numerous butterflies) to the home because of small interventions such as the natural swimming pool.

Evolutionary Paradigm

Adapting of international innovations to a South African context; especially water management – Endeavouring to live with consciousness and as gently as possible, and with their carbon footprint in mind, intelligent systems were imported from abroad to maintain the system’s critical thinking.