hearScreen by the hearX Group is a world-class hearing screening solution on a smartphone. Cutting costs by over 80%, the innovation significantly improves on current hearing screening models by allowing non-specialist personnel to do screenings in resource-constrained environments.


This product was developed by understanding a real-world socio-economic problem.

  • A true testament to the amount of innovation and creativity that can be found in this country and has a global impact on change.
  • Developing a specialised technique, that was expensive and making it affordable.
  • Medical facilities, especially hearing aids, are currently not affordable for most South Africans. This social entrepreneurial initiative is highly commended.
  • Translating audio-specialised education into a convenient and short screening test.

People Upliftment

  • Championing the notion of education and affordable healthcare service to the community.

Evolutionary Paradigm

Instigating and reducing the cost of medical screening tests using a simple solution.

Placemaking Performance

This is existential placemaking and empowers those people tested with the knowledge to address challenges.

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