Designed to adapt to changing needs through the stages of life, House Burnett Prinsloo comfortably accommodates alternative uses such as working from home, single family usage and potential accommodation for an elderly person with a caregiver.


  • This house celebrates the ‘poetics’ of habitation, the relationship of a building to the landscape and the assembly of materials.
  • It champions the natural evolvement by understanding needs and building smaller setting a prime example of an open connective response to its urban environment.

People Upliftment

  • The house has a front door that a visitor can walk up to and knock on — this small gesture builds bridges
  • The homeowner lives, works and allows others to live in the same building.
  • A mindset change from a typical residential typology within an affluent area. The house is designed specifically for its user’s needs and integrating with its natural environment.

Evolutionary Paradigm

  • An innovative approach to the way the building handles a refinement of materials while maintaining openness and connection of the property to the urban fabric.
  • Impressive scale, size, budget and level of connection to its environment. The engagement of the house to the landscape with the creation of the internal courtyard off the road is a brave contrast to the paranoia of the neighbourhood.

Placemaking Performance

  • This house is integrated into its ecological system. Simple construction materials and methods have been used to create spaces that ‘move the soul’.