Situated in Monaghan Farm, House Gardiner is an eco estate that has reduced density while promoting organic farming and a country lifestyle that encourages walking and cycling. The project minimised its impact through the extensive use of local and natural materials.


The site and the building are truly one when the building is made from the site.

People Upliftment

Pioneering the use of earth and training through the construction process

Evolutionary Paradigm

  • Although rammed earth is an ancient technology, its use is rare in the current economy.
  • It is commendable that the architect has persisted on his vision of designing this rammed-earth structure, despite the fact that no structural engineer wanted to take responsibility for it. As a result, he designed and implemented a completely new way of making foundations for rammed-earth structures as well as reinforced rammed-earth walls. This is a paradigm shift in South Africa.

Placemaking Performance

  • Changing mindsets regarding earth.
  • This is a material that some see as primitive, particularly when discussing the heritage of African architecture. This creates a good opportunity for changing perceptions. Earth does not mean old.
House Gardiner
House Gardiner
House Gardiner
House Gardiner