A new office building located in an industrial park in Pretoria.

iCat Eco Factory is an example of sustainable design collaboration between client and architect. The project focused on housing both the administrative and production functions of the company, thus merging corporate headquarters with warehouse space. This allows for an environmentally sustainable structure, that minimises travel distance, costs, as well building’s overall footprint. The design was greatly influenced by seasonal changes in lighting and climate, with every facade of the building responding accordingly.

Evolutionary Paradigm

Demonstration of what is achievable in an industrial area – An industrial park is seldom commended for innovations in placemaking.

Placemaking Performance

The working environment ethos in an industrial park – The design is dappled with informal communal areas, ranging from the courtyard and roof garden, to informal meeting areas in the interior, creating a far more pleasant working environment than what is associated with factory typologies.

icat eco factory01
icat eco factory02
icat eco factory03
icat eco factory04
icat eco factory05