This building attempts to bring Provincial Service Depts under one roof for greater success and efficiency when servicing clients. This is the tallest building in Khayelitsha.


  • Socio-economic harmonisation by placing a building of this type in this location. In doing this there is a potential raising of adjacent property value. The project, therefore, not only harmonises with the ecology but intelligently deals with real economic issues.
  • There is a noticeable attempt to achieve an energy-efficient building in a low-income neighbourhood.

People Upliftment

  • Championing the idea of sharing externally through a conscious effort to contribute to the urban framework.
  • Advocating the idea of sharing internally by bringing different public sector departments together in the same building.
  • The building acts as an icon within its urban environment, promoting better community prospects.
  • The provision for electric cars and bicycles within the design of the site is a good addition. There need to be more buildings like this to uplift the environment of marginalised communities.

Evolutionary Paradigm

  • Upholding issues of sustainability.
  • A very real project relationship between architect and client.
  • A realistic approach for tackling issues of sustainability in a very down to earth and interesting way. The building employs a heuristic connection within an urban setting showcasing the capabilities of the broader community.
  • Having different governmental departments share the same building, facilities and spaces is the most recommendable aspect of this submission — this is a paradigm shift in South Africa.

Placemaking Performance

The positioning, massing, street boundary articulation of the building and designing for pedestrians and cyclists, shows an understanding of urban placemaking. The building facilitates an economic hub of activity through shared office spaces.