The rejuvenation of an inner city precinct, Johannesburg.

The Maboneng Precinct is a unique case of vast urban regeneration of a historic district in Johannesburg. It is an open, mixed–use neighbourhood development that includes a broad spectrum of different sized spaces that attempts to create a precinct that is inclusionary whilst maximising the financial viability of the development as a whole. Studios, art galleries and a range of shops, restaurants and coffee bars that are fueling an inner-city lifestyle, with entrepreneurship and creativity at its core.

Placemaking Performance

Demonstrating a gentrification mitigating approach, within an urban precinct upgrade – The precinct is an urban regeneration project resulting from both global inspiration and local innovation

People Upliftment

Encouraging life back into the city – The dichotomy between Maboneng’s urban malaise in the 90s and its current pioneer status of urban renewal is a remarkable achievement of how the uncertainty of central Johannesburg has changed in many locals’ mindsets.

Encouraging the developer and municipality to engage with one another.

Encouraging the developer and city to engage with the greening of buildings on an urban level.


Encouraging the developer to engage with the environmental issues on an urban level.

Evolutionary Paradigm

Encouragement to do the ‘right thing’ – Maboneng is becoming a benchmark for entrepreneurs and changing spaces and this example is slowly changing the way we work, live and commute to work.

Maboneng Precinct_RevolutionHouse02
Maboneng Precinct_MOAD
Maboneng Precinct_arts on main
Maboneng Precinct_Arts on Main studio
Maboneng Precinct_Revolution House interior