An eco-tourism facility located in the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve.

Tucked away in an UNESCO World Heritage Site in the mountains above Betty’s Bay, Oudebosch Camp nestles unobtrusively within a protected wilderness area in the Kogelberg Biosphere. The buildings are modestly scaled, lightweight, with planted roofs. The palette of natural, local, renewable, low embodied energy, non toxic materials and components develops the low impact sustainable qualities of the project. Low tech simple passive design principles underpin crafting of the building envelope which is shaped for the shifting seasons.

People Upliftment

A benchmark and demonstration of what is achievable for all spheres of government and national parks. The goal was to assist CapeNature to follow an iterative consultative environmentally responsive, site specific and sustainable methodology and to develop breath-taking experiences, all with low impact buildings in a pristine landscape.

Placemaking Performance

Feedback and lessons to government on both eco-performance and financial success – The upliftment of people and development of a demonstrable method of considered building in a wilderness area, has assisted in educating the public and government on the importance of conservation in wilderness areas.


A sensitive response to a site – An environmentally responsive approach aimed to harmonise the building within its environment and provide a place in nature for people to recharge their ‘batteries’ away from the city.