This project focuses on responding to the needs of informally working mothers and their children in Warwick Junction; a transport hub in Durban’s inner-city around which approximately 8,000 informal workers (many of them women with children) sustain their livelihoods. Many informally working mothers are left with little choice but to take their children to work with them, due to the lack of affordable, accessible, high-quality childcare.

Richard Dobson Architects, alongside Asiye eTafuleni (AeT), has responded to this challenge by designing a prototype pop-up micro childcare facility situated within the Brook Street Market of Warwick Junction. The intention is to implement multiple facilities like this, to service all of the markets in this area. The overall aim of the project is to reduce the maternal stress experienced by the informally working mothers and to improve developmental outcomes for their children by providing a safe, affordable, appropriately stimulating environment in close proximity to the mothers’ place of work.

Pop-up Micro Childcare Facility_ 2
Pop-up Micro Childcare Facility_ 3