A typical PV-T system consists of various components, including a PV panel and its associated electronics, as well as thermal components with associated electronics, piping, heat store, pump, and control unit. Energy-Shift has designed a low-cost heat sink/tank that clips onto the PV panel. This thermal tank is designed to meet South African and international standards and will interface with off-the-shelf components to form a complete thermal solution.

Similar to existing integrated PVT solutions, the Energy-Shift SOL-TC 1680/ 992 product reduces PV panel temperatures by transferring heat into a thermal solution that functions like a water-filled radiator. The thermal solution is constantly filled by flowing water that maintains a heat gradient by transporting heated water away from the PV panel, thereby using thermodynamics to create efficiencies in electricity production. The hot water produced can be transported using existing technologies for other consumption e.g. industrial use, decreasing energy costs within affected processes.

The Energy-Shift SOL-TC 1680 / 992 product was designed to be a clip-on thermal solution that can be retrofitted on existing PV installations of varying PV panel dimensions and designs, as illustrated in figure 2 and 3 below. The soon-to-be-patented thermal bracket and liquid radiator system allow for the thermal components to be added to existing PV systems at a site without having to remove the PV panel from the operation. This does not mean that the solution cannot be coupled with new PV installations that require a thermal component. The Energy-Shift solution is flexible enough to accommodate the existing PV market, but also presents a cost-effective means of converting a to-be-installed new PV system into a PVT system.

An innovative modular thermal system that can change the way energy is mitigated, recycled and reused.

New Ways of Thinking
Taking an existing system and making it more efficient and cost-effective in the long term.