Rambrick is a wholly sustainable building product developed by Use it Waste Beneficiation (RF) NPC. Using only 5% cement in a waterless production process, these bricks can be used to build safe dwellings that fit in with nature while reducing the carbon footprint of the built environment.


The Rambrick product addresses resource efficiency in that it requires a waterless production process. The success of the product may depend on its acceptability by the construction industry and residents in financially challenged human settlements.

People Upliftment

Provides work and has the potential to change the way sites are developed.

Evolutionary Paradigm

Sustainable practices of processing waste material from the site, through water and energy efficient systems, producing basic building units (bricks) recycling for continuity.

Placemaking Performance

Generating a high-performance material through a ‘one trade’ system. It is a single monolithic structure.

Rambrick 3
Rambrick 1