Built by the community of Joe Slovo, the Silindokuhle Pre-School by Collectif Saga was designed to provide the children of the community with a better and safer learning environment, while showing the great potential of using recycled and reclaimed materials in construction.


The community engages with the building process and the new language of architecture learned is reflected in the surrounding built environment.

People Upliftment

  • Championing the transfer of skills across borders.
  • Transfer of skills and ownership outside of the school promotes the development of the community.

Evolutionary Paradigm

The status quo is challenged with this project that uses materials collected from local businesses and donations to design and build a structure making use of skills from the local community ultimately give back to the same community. What is groundbreaking about this project, is the ability of the architects to create an intricate building using reclaimed building materials to the extent that one of the local residents who was involved its construction has applied acquired skills in a new project. That is a paradigm shift.

Placemaking Performance

  • Uplifting the local community using an alternative technology and methodology which has resulted in the upliftment of the local community.
  • This is a critical public service providing human and food security.
Silindokuhle 1
Silindokuhle 2
Silindokuhle 3