The Thanda community centre is a place that was founded on sustainable principles, and this ethos is evident in the way that all those involved care for the centre and support it. It is a place run effectively and efficiently by people who care about making a positive change in their world and certainly an example that the international community can learn from. The architecture of the Thanda Early Childhood Development Centre stands as a part testament to this commitment to making an impact and inspiring others to strive for their best.

The establishment of this ECDC within the community far extends social benefits and demonstrates social cohesion between the school and the community in creating resilient and future creative learners.

People Upliftment
The design enables interconnectedness between architecture and education, allowing for the establishment of dignity between learner and community. 

Placemaking Performance
The simplicity of engineering tectonics and materiality in creating a beacon-of-hope/hub, recognisable from afar within the community, is commendable. The recycling of water on-site and the positioning of an important lifeline with the installation of a community tap is a beautiful marriage between architecture and social programme.

The directors are champions in the leadership and management of the school, creating a resilient ‘hub’ for learning, which extends far within reach of the community at large.

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