Nchenje Homestead, a sustainable house built in Maun, was designed to employ passive energy systems. The house was orientated to take a view up the Boro River, and so the orientation was challenging with a north-west aspect in an extremely hot climate. A large verandah to the north and openness to the nast to capture cooling breezes combined with the thermal mass of rammed earth create a comfortable living environment.

The house has a clip lock zinc aluminium-coated roof at a very flat slope so that the building sits as low as possible in the landscape and views over it are possible. On a gently sloping site, the house was raised on an earth platform over the floodplain enhancing the view while securing it from large floods of the Okavango Delta.

People Upliftment
Continued dedication in the research of rammed earth. 

New Ways of Thinking
Taking an ethical stand in promoting the use of this alternative building technology to the broader public.

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