The Retrade Project is a community-based recycling and social empowerment project which seeks to sustainably provide its members and the community with an opportunity to be environmentally responsible while gaining access to food or basic essentials. The Retrade Project has a vision to provide underprivileged communities with an opportunity to be environmentally aware and access resources to fulfil their basic human needs while still maintaining the human worth and dignity within each person.

The most accessible commodity that all people have access to is rubbish, The ReTrade Project is a recycling depot where
individuals can bring their recyclables, the new currency, and exchange it for essential items such as food, toiletries, cloths and blankets. It also raises an important focus on educating the local community about recycling and encourages education around possibilities of greener living. The Project believes in providing opportunities for individuals to better themselves and seeks to provide hope to South Africa’s underprivileged who may not have access to basic needs such as food and toiletries. This sustainable social initiative seeks to bring worth and dignity back to those in need while helping the environment.

The Retrade Project2
The Retrade Project3