The architect of this scheme should be applauded for the e_ ort that was taken in evolving the design of this educational facility. It is appropriate that a building should exhibit the lessons that it purports to teach and the pedagogic qualities are reflected in the architectural expression. The building is located in an industrial part of Cape Town but the architecture provides a delight to an otherwise dispirited part of the city. The building reflects its workings.

Rainwater tanks and wind towers become powerful elements of the architecture and draw the visitor’s eye to their function. Intriguing attention to detail has been included in the building around lecture room entrances and bathrooms which reveal a thoroughness by the architects and an indication that the joy of architecture need not be compromised in the pursuit of responsible design. In celebrating this building, this awards programme hopes to draw attention to the powerful impact that educational buildings can have on our society.

Unisa_Locality Plan
Unisa_Ground Floor Plan
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