Witklipfontein is one of the original farms of the Vredefort Dome, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the oldest and largest verified meteorite impact crater on earth. Witklipfontein Eco Lodge aims to embody contemporary sustainability in all its aspects, with simple, sensible, and oft-forgotten design and building techniques, as well as newer technological elements, making it a showcase project in the field of green building. The result is a unique home that reflects the surrounding nature and blends into it harmoniously.

The project embodies sustainable practices through materials, innovation and skills transfer while employing five earth building techniques that integrate the building within the landscape. 

New Ways of Thinking
Innovative exploration with rammed earth, developing construction methods using unskilled labour. 

Placemaking Performance
Combination of different structural and building systems in an effort to experiment where possible. 

Architects are champions in their commitment to achievement in alternative building methods and practices used.

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