The reworking and reuse of an existing building for the WWF, located in Johannesburg.

The WWF building in Braamfontein is the first 6-Star GBCSA Design Rating on a brownfields site in South Africa. The primary focus of the design of the building, a restorative project in a heritage building dated back to 1905, was centered on the maximisation of the site parameters, whilst recycling most of the existing materials within the site. The building which enforces the WWF sustainable ethos has a serious implementation of green technologies, water harvesting, natural ventilation.

Evolutionary Paradigm

On-site wastewater handling and recycling.

Net-zero sewer emissions through an on-site black water treatment facility.

WWF SA Braamfontein01
WWF SA Braamfontein02
WWF SA Braamfontein03
WWF SA Braamfontein04
WWF SA Braamfontein05