The WWF has come up with a brilliant campaign to get armchair activists to part with more than just a virtual signature. Together with advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy (the people who introduced the world to Nike’s ‘Just do it’ slogan among many, many others) they’ve introduced some rather beautifully designed emoji of endangered animals that, once you’ve signed up, will be downloaded to your phone.

Clever coding then records every time you tweet a status or instagram a picture using the #EndangeredEmoji and sends it to you as a ‘bill’ at the end of each month – which you can choose to donate to or pay in full.

Among the animals featured in the endangered emoji list is one of the world’s most threatened – the African Wild Dog. Less than 6000 of these fierce carnivores exist in the wild. Victims of habitat encroachment throughout Africa, wild dogs are regularly shot and poisoned by farmers, who often mistakenly blame them for a livestock killings perpetrated by leopard or hyena.

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