A memorial park in Addis Ababa is dedicated to the life and ideals of the late prime minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi. The park celebrates Zenawi’s struggle against poverty and Ethiopia and his promotion of sustainable forms of development to overcome this barrier. Located on the northern edge of the city, the site is planned as a vast, landscaped garden mapped out by a long, continuous path.

Along this path, visitors encounter a number of key features, including a series of pavilions devoted to Meles Zenawi’s political legacy as well as a campus housing the offices, workspaces and other facilities of the Meles Zenawi Foundation.

The topography of the site alternates between meditative gathering points and stunning vistas. This design matches the two conceptual emphases of the park: a contemplation of Ethiopia’s past (specifically within the context of Zenawi’s leadership) and a celebration of the country’s future.

Read more about the project, designed by Studio Other Spaces in collaboration with Vogt Landscape Architecture here.