Furniture designers are finding uses for all kinds of waste materials – from bone, skins, feathers and shells to automotive parts and even coffee grounds. Creations such as a superyacht bathroom and supermarket shelves have found growing acceptance, as more consumers are starting to understand the pressures on our planet. Malaysian-born Lay Koon Tan and Dutchman Paul Hoeve are in the business of transforming waste into beautiful interior finishes.

The business partners founded their Swiss-based company, Nature Squared, back in 2000. Today, with sustainability firmly in the global spotlight, pioneering initiatives such as theirs are celebrated in international design circles.

An example of this is a bathtub by Tan and Hoeve inlaid with eggshells, inside and out. The tub, which sits on a base of upcycled cow bone, was for an 88-meter superyacht designed by Australia’s Sam Sorgiovanni.

The pair also use humble natural materials such as shells, seeds, bark, skins, feathers and bone, inlaid into surfaces using traditional techniques, to create bespoke furniture and fittings for high-end homes and hotels worldwide.

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