Brian Bosire and Victor Shikoli, techpreneurs from Nairobi, want to end Nairobi’s water nightmares through a virtual network that benefits consumers by tracing every drop. Through their tech company, Hydrologistics Africa, the duo has invented the HydroIQ platform, a GPS and internet-enabled device that is plugged into water supply systems at homes and in businesses.

The device monitors water use, quality and leakages using sensors, then relays the data in real-time.

“At the end of every month, you receive a water bill that you have to pay despite the fact that water taps remain dry 2-3 days a week,” says Shikoli, a graduate of Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Mount Kenya University.

The duo says that research revealed deep-rooted water problems in Nairobi, adding that they decided to take further steps to figure out a solution to the problem by developing HydroIQ. The idea is to turn water systems into smart water grids to improve efficiencies, sanitation and hygiene.

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