South Africa ranks as one of the 30 driest countries in the world. Since 2015 the country’s potable water supply has decreased drastically – a consequence of a prolonged lower-than-normal rainfall cycle. The drought conditions across the country has put increasing pressure on existing water infrastructure, much of which is nearing the end of its life cycle.

In a water-scarce country such as ours, interventions are needed to protect water security. With inadequate government upkeep and investment, civil and private corporate investors will have to step up to ensure water security. However, increased investment in infrastructure alone will not solve our water woes. Water conservation and wastewater management needs to become top priorities and form part of our infrastructure planning and everyday conduct.

Water security impacts on our everyday lives and affects our quality of life. The current water crisis in the Cape Peninsula is a warning call to other metropoles. Increasingly urban households will have to contend with water restrictions and rationing. Homeowners need to be frugal in their water usage, but checking leaks and fixing drips is no longer enough – it is time we also considered alternative water preservation systems.

Here are four simple tips for homeowners that will not only conserve water and bring down utility bills, but also increase the value of their property.