Online journal Ecological Modelling recently published a report by an international team of researchers who aimed to calculate the annual value trees contribute in 10 megacities around the world.

It might not be apparent to most city dwellers, but tree cover significantly benefits urban areas by reducing air pollution and carbon emissions, helping to contain stormwater runoff, as well as lower energy needs for the heating and cooling buildings.

The tree-based ecosystems in the urban areas surveyed contributed associated benefits to the value of $35 per capita, totalling an incredible average of $500 million each year in services for each city!

“Placing these results on the larger scale of socio-economic systems makes evident to what extent nature supports our individual and community well-being by providing ecosystem services for free,” says one of the co-authors, Professor Sergio Ulgiati.

Apart from providing much-needed services, trees also make cities more livable by improving health conditions and contributing to sense of place.

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