After several rejected job applications at Uber and Taxify, Fezile Dhlamini decided to launch an e-hailing service with a difference. Dubbed ‘Green Scooter’, the business will utilise low-cost, hi-tech electric scooters. Some 20 vehicles from Sweden have already been secured, and Dhlamini plans to pilot the service in September this year.

“Green Scooter is the first electric vehicle-sharing platform, built for Africa by Africa, and it’s one that’s going to create a lot of financial benefits and societal benefits that really improve how we consume”, says Dhlamini.

Similar to existing e-hailing services, consumers will be able to hail a Green Scooter via an app. Two types of vehicles will be available: a passenger vehicle that can transport two people at a time and a cargo vehicle that could enable small businesses without their own delivery vehicles to reach a wider range of consumers.

The business plans on erecting charging stations for the vehicles in and around their areas of operation.“Everything is going to be solar-based”, according to Dhlamini. “We’re all about renewable, clean energy, so we need to lead by example.”

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