This is the plan, following the Johannesburg City Council’s recent approval of a draft policy to introduce the development of green, low energy consumption buildings. This Green Building policy forms part of the city’s efforts to achieve low to net-zero carbon performance for all new buildings in Johannesburg by 2030, towards the ultimate goal of achieving a total net-zero performance compliance standard by 2050.

The purpose of the policy is to guide the development of green, low-energy consuming buildings within Johannesburg, powered by cleaner and more renewable energy sources.

“Although the City of Johannesburg has continuously been improving service delivery in key sectors, including energy, waste management, water and sanitation, as well as public transport, the challenges are exacerbated by rapid urbanisation and population growth, in a city that is still struggling with the legacy of apartheid spatial planning,” the COJ said in a statement.”

“The urgency of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts, together with increasing non-renewable resource scarcity, is therefore driving the change to a more sustainable built environment.”

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