Johannesburg-based recycling business, The Compost Kitchen, recently walked away with a prestigious United Nations award. Founded by Himkaar Singh as a way of trying to solve South Africa’s water management crisis, the organisation was voted one of the Top 300 Best Sustainable Practices at the 5th Global Entreps Awards held earlier this year.

“The award is like the Oscar awards for sustainability. They were particularly impressed that we were a business that makes an impact. There are plenty of initiatives, NGOs and charities but the question is always about financial sustainability,” says Singh.

The Compost Kitchen collects waste from homes around Johannesburg that have signed up for the service. The waste is then fed to earthworms which produce vermicompost (faeces), which is then sold back to customers.

The compost is rich in organic matter and holds onto water like a sponge, allowing it to properly infiltrate the soil. At the end of the day, garden owners end up using less water to hydrate their plants.

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