Retail property giant, Liberty Two Degrees (L2D), will be implementing a ‘no plastic bags’ policy across its malls by 1 January 2020. The company believes that the future of retail is defined by a continued adaption of standards to meet national and global sustainability goals. L2D is also working towards a Net Zero sustainability target by 2030, which sees the reduction of water and energy usage, as well as an efficient waste management system.

As part of this commitment, L2D has partnered with an Alexandra community-based organisation called Bana Bags to introduce plastic-free bags into its centres. This will ensure the continuation of education to encourage sustainable and environmentally-friendly ways of doing business.

On top of this, L2D has initiated the introduction of recycling drop-off booths in Sandton City and at Eastgate Shopping Centre, and will soon be rolling this out throughout the portfolio.

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