Envisioned to be constructed on Roosevelt Island, New York City, Mandragore is a sky-high, green residential tower that aims to push the limits of sustainability practices in construction. The design of the tower mimics the silhouette of the mandrake plant, which also inspired the name of the project. Mandragore aims to be the tallest tower in the world while being carbon negative – meaning that it will use more carbon than it produces.

The building mimics the natural processes or forms found in nature to be sustainable, a practice called biomimicry. Mandragore, designed by architecture firm Rescubika, is a mandrake analogy representing the shifting identity of man and the natural world, showing a close relationship between ourselves and other living things.

The current plan is to house 1,600 trees with about 300,000 square feet of living plant walls across the 160 levels of the building. The concept also looks at ‘energy sobriety’, which calls for a shift in lifestyle choices that helps the resident reduce individual carbon footprints by reducing the energy they consume.

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