Nolii was founded in the UK in 2017 by Asad Hamir and Amar Radia, who parlayed their interest in tech into a successful entrepreneurship.

‘I’m a power user,’ Hamir confesses, showing us an image of the digital spaghetti that once crowded the bottom of his travel bag. He knew there had to be a better way. 

Nolii’s debut suite of projects was designed by Benjamin Hubert at LAYER and revealed back in 2017. A complementary set of cases, cables, plugs and battery blocks, with a common design language and a clever connection system, it’s taken the duo three years to turn concepts into workable, production ready designs.

‘You’d get devices that were beautiful but had no function, or very feature-driven devices,’ said the pair. The duo believes strongly in the power of collaboration to bring their inventions to life – and has a standing relationship with another set of leading creatives, Made Thought, to input into business design processes. 

 ‘For us, it’s about getting a perfect balance of practicality and function,’ says Hamir, ‘we’re all about feedback, listening and refinement.’

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