The island nation of Mauritius is celebrating their first Green Star rating at the Mon Trésor Business Gateway. The Mon Trésor Smart City is one of several schemes aimed at consolidating the convenience of Mauritian international business and financial services by improving residents’ work-life balance. Based on sustainable values, the Smart City’s office park and residential development is designed to enhance the local and cosmopolitan flavor of Mauritian life.

According to Enerxis Managing Director, Ashley Boodhoo: “The Mon Trésor Business Gateway will guide other developers and practitioners, as it not only raises awareness of the various aspects of green building, but also formalises what a green building means.”

This sustainable ethic was set by the Green Building Council South Africa, in collaboration with the Green Building Council Mauritius. A 4-star Green Star Office v1.1 Rating was awarded to the Mon Trésor Business Gateway-Office Park, developed by Omnicane and Eris.

The building ensures that people work productively inside it, while treading lightly on the environment through its construction and management.

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