Developed by Use It Waste Beneficiation (RF) NPC, RamBrick is a wholly sustainable building product that uses only 5% cement in a waterless production process. An awarded submission in the 2017/18 AfriSam-SAIA Award, these bricks can be used to build safe dwellings that fit in with nature while reducing the carbon footprint of the built environment.

According to Chris Whyte, Managing Director of Use-It: “We’re still building with very energy-intensive materials. What happens to those energy-intensive materials when we’re finished with them? They go to landfills. 30 – 40% of what goes into our landfills, is soil waste and building rubble. That’s when we started coming up with the idea of the RamBrick.”

RamBrick technology takes construction waste, compresses it without the use of water and re-uses it as a building material. As the process doesn’t require any virgin materials, it is completely green.

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