Cape Town faced an environmental disaster last year when a ship lost a container with a massive consignment of tiny plastic pellets, known as nurdles. The Centre for Regenerative Design and Collaboration (CRDC), however, has found a solution to the excessive amounts of nurdles now polluting shorelines: turning them into a building material called RESIN8. The CRDC has joined other NGOs in an effort to remove as many nurdles as possible off beaches.

According to CRDC CEO, Brett Jordaan: “It is estimated that up to 174 metric tons of nurdles were spilt. That will release millions and millions of these plastic pellets onto our shorelines for years to come. They are all over our beaches every day. It is worse than an oil spill and a massive environmental disaster.”

In terms of how the nurdles would be turned into construction material, Jordaan explained that they would be granulated and made into synthetic sand, converting it into a suitable concrete additive.

“We have agreed to take the nurdles at no cost and convert them into our product, RESIN8… Thereby turning a tragedy into something positive,” said Jordaan.

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