This Earth Day (22 April 2015), join your friends, neighbours and colleagues and as they redesign their daily commute for a better environment.
Apart from carbon emissions, there are other benefits that come with cycling, these include keeping fit, lessening of stress levels, posture coordination and stronger muscles. Increased infrastructure through the construction of dedicated cycling lanes in SA major cities has made cycling even safer.

On Earth Day, simply hop onto your bike, or borrow one if you have to, and be part of the change that is coming to your city! Ride2Work is yet another way to celebrate International Earth Day, and a vehicle to  protect  the planet earth from carbon dioxide.

For more information and bicycle lanes in SA’s three metropolitan cities, JohannesburgCape Town and Durban follow these links.

For more information, please visit:

Twitter: @joburg_cyclist

Facebook: Johannesburg Urban Cyclists Association