Johannesburg-based visual artist and clothing designer, Sakhile Cebekhulu, is all about crafting his dreams into reality. Cebekhulu’s brand, Sash South Africa, combines the vibrancy and energy of the city with the traditional motifs of Zulu men navigating and defining spaces for themselves in Johannesburg. His use of industrial fabrics such as car-seat materials is an ode to the ingenuity of his earlier days, when he was struggling to afford material as a student.

The designer’s work is a cross between visual art and fashion design. He often uses the prints he develops for his fashion lines as inspiration for his mixed-media artworks and vice-versa. Cebekhulu’s creativity seems to be boundless. In addition to his store in Johannesburg CBD, Cebekhulu’s work has also been sold at the Bonne Espérance gallery in Paris, France.

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