The leaders of the Johannesburg-based Counterspace architectural studio are set to be the youngest people ever to design the Serpentine pavilion in Central London. For the last two decades, architects have been creating popup spaces at the Serpentine pavilion. The pavilion has often been a launching pad for star architects to build their first structure in the UK. 

Counterspace responded to a brief to create an experimental temporary structure in Kensington Gardens, for one of the most prestigious architectural events of the year. The studio will use cork and bricks made of recycled construction waste to build this year’s Pavilion, which references the experiences of London’s migrant communities in its design.

Artistic director of the Serpentine, Hans Ulrich Obrist believes Counterspace’s proposal was selected because it successfully foregrounded the importance of different communities working together and creating inclusive, diverse spaces.

“They bring an African perspective and an international perspective. They are working with locations and communities right here in London and their pavilion design is inspired by that work.”

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