Gone are the days when roads were just for walking or driving. Solar road or pathway projects are showing that streets can provide firm footing while generating clean energy. Inhabitat rounded up six such projects from places as diverse as rural Georgia and China, highlighting potentially game-changing technologies in the solar road sphere.

These include:

Solar Roadways by Scott and Julie Brusaw, a project with the aim of transforming asphalt roads into energy-generating thruways by using modular solar panels topped with tempered glass as replacement for standard pavement.

A one-kilometer solar road with 2 880 solar panels in Tourouvre-au-Perche in France, built with technology from Colas Wattway.

A test stretch of Wattway’s solar roads in rural Georgia, USA – the first Wattway pilot in America.

A solar panel expressway in China, developed by the Qilu Transportation Development Group.

A solar-powered bike path in the Netherlands that can generate 70 kilowatt-hours per square meter – enough to power up to three houses.

A 50-square foot solar sidewalk that generates clean energy used to charge electric vehicles.

For more detail on these projects, read the full article here.