Sustainability means different things to different practitioners, for Dror Benshetrit it doesn’t lie in the choice of materials or technology, but rather in the meaningful connection between people and the buildings and objects around them.

A self-described generalist, Benshetrit applies a product designer’s process to architectural problem-solving. It is this philosophy that has seen Benshetrit seamlessly transcend his claim to being one of one of the world’s most creative product designers, to creating awe-inspiring interior designs as well as large-scale buildings and master plans for international clients.

Certainly one of Benshetrit’s most ambitious architectural projects is the Istanbul Galataport master plan. In partnership with Gensler, the plan provides greater public access to a once out of bounds stretch of coastline. Part of the plan is a revolutionary underground cruise terminal incorporating a hydraulic boardwalk and gangway system developed in collaboration with Miami-based interdisciplinary firm BEA. The Galataport covers an area of 110,000 sqm and includes a number of historic landmarks and contemporary cultural attractions, which the master plan aims to revitalise by creating a create a multi-function pedestrian-only neighbourhood that harmonizes with the Istanbul’s existing urban fabric. “The key to maximizing the potential of the area lied in a complicated solution closely tied to Benshetrit’s roots in product design”, remarks Dan Gentile in a recent Smart Magazine article.

“To a hammer, everything is a nail. When you’re a specialist, you’re thinking of every problem with the set of tools that you have. The more limited your toolbox is, the more you solve your problem with your limited tools,” says Benshetrit in the same conversation.

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