Experimental spaces for learning about and nurturing processes of social-ecological transformation are of increasing interest. In this article, the authors reflect on their experience in Argentina facilitating a multi-stakeholder transformative space to identify and discuss agricultural sustainability challenges associated with seed market concentration, and to explore social innovations in the seed sector that can help foster more sustainable pathways of change in agricultural systems.

The article entitled: Seeking unconventional alliances and bridging innovations in spaces for transformative change: the seed sector and agricultural sustainability in Argentina,

was authored by Patrick van Zwanenberg, Almendra Cremaschi, Martin Obaya, Anabel Marin and Vanesa Lowenstein.

They argue that, in facilitating such a process, it is important to understand the diversity of perspectives on the meanings and functions of seed systems, the agricultural sustainability challenges those systems give rise to and of potential solutions. It is also important to work with those divergent perspectives and identify areas of actionable consensus or potential affinities between actors who otherwise understand or prioritise agricultural sustainabilities in different ways.

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