A collaboration between local start-up, Aweza, and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), AwezaMed Covid-19 is a new mobile app that supports all 11 official languages in SA to help medical staff communicate with patients in their home languages. The app enables healthcare workers to access a phrase in English, translate it into any official language and play the phrase in that specific language.

The content of the app was developed alongside health experts and is designed to reduce the language barriers that can lead to misunderstandings and potential misdiagnosis, specifically during COVID-19 screenings.

According to Dr Karen Calteaux, CSIR digital audio-visual technologies research group leader, the voice-enabled language communication app can save lives. 

By bridging the communication barrier, the trust relationship between the health-care provider and patient can be improved. In addition, the patient’s experience and health-care provider-patient confidentiality can be improved,” said Calteaux.

Read more about the app, free to download on Android, here.