Johannesburg residents are fond of referring to their city as the ‘world’s largest man-made forest’. Although not technically true, with more than 10 million trees, it is a boast that is not entirely unfounded. To boot, Jozi’s claim just got a little extra credence from an international research project launched by MIT’s Senseable Lab in partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF).

MIT researchers used Google Street View to compile a “Green View Index” of a number of world cities, detailing the percentage of canopy coverage in each. Johannesburg ranks 6th on a recently updated version of the index with a total green coverage of 23.6%. More surprisingly, for local observers at least, Joburg was beat to the post by another local city – Durban in 5th place, with a total green coverage of 23.7%. The no.1 ranked city on the index is Singapore with a score of 29.3%.

For the complete list of the world’s 15 greenest cities and interactive Treepedia maps of each, click here.